Our newest machine, a door press, is finally ready to go!

Door Press Description

This is a door press. You can use it to assemble your doors using truss connector plates to create strong, straight doors. The truss plates are kept in place by use of our precision spring plate system.  The same system is used on our truss press.

Air cylinders are used to push the door together before the hydraulic cylinders push the plates into the door. This makes it easy to place your pieces of wood into the machine and assures a nice, square door. Two pins on either side of each of the vertical braces allow an easy and precise fit every time. There are two sets of 3 press stations on one rail. This allows for 3 stations to move in and out while remaining perfectly in line with each other.  The stations also slide back and forth on each rail for different lengths of doors.

Size Specifications

You can make door widths ranging in size from 33″ – 48″ with a maximum length door of 76″ We can accommodate nearly all of your needs when it comes to different sizes.

Control System

The hydraulic power unit has a 10-gallon steel hydraulic fluid tank with a  3,000 PSI 2 stage pump.  The 2 stage hydraulic pump makes for a 4-5 second cycle time. An in-tank filter and a return line filter help keep your hydraulic fluid clean and long-lasting. The electronic control panel allows you to operate all the air and hydraulic controls from a safe distance. A two hand safety system is used to provide a safe, efficient operating method.

The unit is powered by a 3 phase 7.5 HP motor complete with controls. A single phase motor is optional.

We can deliver this machine at a reasonable cost. Shipping via freight is an option depending on your location.



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