Portable Barn Door Press


Welcome to Riehl Steel LLC, a family-owned business specializing in crafting top-quality machines for the shed building, sawmill, and woodworking industries. Our newest addition, the Door Press, is designed to help you create strong, straight doors with ease.

Our Door Press is a versatile machine that can be used for both small and large manufacturing projects. It utilizes truss plates and our precision spring plate system to assemble doors, ensuring a perfect fit every time. We offer various truss plate sizes, including 2×4 standard sizes, with the option for other sizes depending on your specific needs.

Our door press utilizes air cylinders to bring the door components together before hydraulic cylinders push truss connector plates into the door. This not only simplifies the door assembly process but also guarantees that your door will be perfectly square every time. The vertical braces of the door have two pins on each side, ensuring a precise fit for your door. The are 2 sets of 3 heads opposite of each other. One set is fixed and the other can move back and forth to accommodate for different widths. This configuration allows for smooth movement in and out of the press while maintaining perfect alignment with each other. Additionally, the press stations can slide back and forth on each rail to accommodate different door lengths. With this innovative design, you can easily and accurately produce high-quality doors for your shed-building needs.

Our Door Press can accommodate door widths ranging from 33″ to 48″, and door lengths up to 76″. We understand that your needs may differ from standard sizes, so we offer customized sizing options to meet your specific requirements.

We take great pride in providing quality machines at reasonable prices, and our Door Press is no exception. The hydraulic power unit includes a 10-gallon steel hydraulic fluid tank with a 3,000 PSI 2-stage pump, providing a cycle time of 4-5 seconds. The in-tank and return line filters keep your hydraulic fluid clean and long-lasting. The electronic control panel allows for safe and efficient operation from a distance, and the two-hand safety system provides added safety measures.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and support, and we stand behind every machine we build. Trust us to be your partner in success and take your woodworking business to new heights with our Door Press and other innovative machines


6 Head Door Press … $13,885.00