Riehl Steel Board Edger

  • Reliable
  • Compact
  • Economical

The Riehl Steel Board Edger easily takes your rough lumber and turns it into dimensional lumber.  The optional 20 hp Honda engine provides plenty of power to edge a rough board that is up to 23” wide and 2-1/4” thick.  Finished board sizes range from a minimum of 3” wide to a maximum of 19” wide.

Two machined feed rolls hold the rough lumber securely in place during operation. The feed speed can be set at either 100 fpm or 75 fpm. Two top hold down rolls use a spring tension system to provide constant pressure on the boards.

Two carbide tipped thin-kerf blades are split, making blade changes an easy operation. One of the blades is fixed and the other is movable. The movable blade is kept from moving during operation by a simple locking mechanism on the hand wheel.

The Riehl Steel Edger also features an under saw guard for your safety as well as anti-kickback fingers. The side guards can easily be removed for speed changes and lubrication. A reinforced hood allows you to return your boards for quick re-edging.

With a 6’ in feed table and a 7’ out feed table, the Riehl Steel Edger is 15’ long when assembled weighing approximately 800 lbs. The out feed table can easily be removed, making moving on a pickup truck a simple operation.


Price without engine……..…$5,700.00*

Price with 13 HP Honda engine……$6,495.00

Price with 23 HP Vanguard engine…$7,639.00

Price with 20 HP Honda Engine … $7,652.00

Available Options

Extra carbide split blades $94.00 each

28” wide  additional  $1,500 

Call for additional customization.

Delivery services are available.

*Does not include belts, pulleys, battery or gas tank.

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