3 Head Truss Press


Small Barn Truss Plate Press

  • Reliable
  • Efficient
  • Economical

Now more capable than ever! This machine can handle up to 2×6 lumber and up to 3×5 truss plates. (4×6 plates optional)

The Riehl Steel Shed Plate Truss Press has three press stations powered by 3000 PSI hydraulic cylinders. (five stations are optional). The cylinders are controlled by a single control valve, you hold the lever down till the plates are pressed in and push the lever up to retract the cylinders. The lever stays up automatically.

The truss plates are kept in place by a precision spring plate.  The boards are securely held in place by toggle clamps. The 2 stage hydraulic pump makes for a 4-5 second cycle time.

The hydraulic power unit has a 12-gallon steel hydraulic fluid tank with a 3,000 PSI 2 stage pump. An in-tank filter and a return line filter help keep your hydraulic fluid clean and long-lasting.

The unit is powered by a 3 phase 5 HP motor complete with controls. Options include a single-phase electric motor.

We build the press around your needs. The arms are telescoping allowing for a smaller footprint when only making smaller trusses. It can install different sizes of metal plates. It can adjust from 4’ to 16’ wide. It handles angles of  12×12 pitch to a straight line and anything in-between.  Changing between different sizes is a simple 5-minute changeover. We need to see your truss prints in order to guarantee that all the trusses you wish to make will work.

The 3 head design may vary slightly from the pictures shown. Ask us about the details.



With a 2x6


3 Head Truss Press with Hydraulic Unit …. $9,975.00

5 Head Truss Press with Hydraulic Unit …..$12,715.00

Substitute 1 Phase Motor…..$325.00

Fully Automatic Electronic Controls …Call Us

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